About Us

HARTFRICA DESIGNS NIGERIA is a premium painting company, dedicated to redefining the perceived narrative of space painting in the 21st century and creating a new dimension for the future. We believe that our environment has a powerful influence on us (the way we think, act and respond) and space painting can harness this dimension to recreate and actively engage the mind by recreating the environment. This is achieved through applications of appropriate colors, color separations, infusion of identities and believes as murals and ultimately general harmony of space. HARTFRICA DESIGNS NIGERIA operates with a human-centered design that is consistent with United Nations sustainable development goals (UN SDGs 1,3 &11).  We alleviate poverty by providing jobs for the populace with formal education not being a barrier but a willing and creative mind regardless of gender. We ultimately also create spaces that are aesthetic and interactive. The effect of a properly rendered space is a ripple effect as it cuts across all sectors, since they all depend on the environment one way or the other.

Mission Statement


  • Syncing talent with innovation to harness the influence of our immediate environment via space painting.
  • To meet and exceed our customer expectations



  • Redefining spaces through space painting
  • To create a community of value driven space painting/mural experts in Africa.

We redefine space painting. Everything you know about space painting is changed, starting from integrity to creativity. A space is an abode that is peculiar to an individual(s), we collaborate with our clients and merge our magics to create unique masterpieces.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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